Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Introducing the Magpie Security Ltd October 2017 Newsletter

Magpie Security Ltd Celebrates 15 Years of Success

On Wednesday 18th October 2017, Magpie Security Ltd celebrates its 15th year operating within the security industry.

From the birth of the business in 2002, the company has made phenomenal strides to become the premier security and training specialist within Nottinghamshire.

Landmark projects to date have included NET Phase 2, Bio City and the army’s Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre to name but a few.

Continual investment into the business and its personnel has given the company the competitive advantage which differentiates its position as a market leader from its competitors

“Magpie Security Ltd will always aim to exceed the expectations of our clients for service, professionalism and complete security solutions to ensure our position as the premier security provider within the industry”

 - Mr. Jason Bailey.  Company Director

A night out at the Nottingham Goose Fair is a great experience that has been enjoyed by families for generations.  The ambiance, the smell of the hot dogs and the thrill of the rides can make for an unforgettable experience.  But how can you be sure you, your family, friends including loved ones stay safe?

Stay Safe in the Crowd
Make it good practice to know the location of Emergency Exits and First Aid points in case of the unlikely event of any illness or incident. Maintain your awareness, keep your eyes up, and off the smart phone, as large crowds are an absolute pick pocketers paradise as well distraction robberies.

Keep your keys separate from your bag and easy to access, not only does this mean you can get inside quickly, if you’re your bag is stolen you can still get home.
Do not take short cuts in poorly lit areas, parks or alleyways, trust your intuition? If it does not feel right move away fast, seek help if required.
Only use licensed Taxis and pre-book them if you can. At least then they are looking for you.
Finally, listen to your intuition and follow your instincts to safety. Don’t be afraid to be impolite, and never stay in an uncomfortable situation.
Take only what you need? Leave any valuables that you do not need at need at home or in your vehicle 

Know where the exits are.
Exits are well-signed

Have a meeting point.
Agree ahead of time where to meet if you get separated

Make sure your child knows where to go.
Arrange a meeting point with your child
Nottingham's Goose Fair returns from Wednesday 4 to Sunday 8 October 2017 at the Forest Recreation Ground to thrill and delight city residents and visitors

Heading Back To Campus:  Personal Safety Is Essential…

Simple, Practical and Effective Self-Défense Strategies for University Students

Over the next few days students across the country will be moving away from home for the first time to attend colleges and universities in brand new cities and towns.  For most students, college is the first time they will be living without supervision, making their own decisions, experimenting with different social scenes and staying out late -- all while being surrounded by new and unfamiliar faces. While the college experience is always exciting and life changing, often these new living arrangements can present students with circumstances in which they are unsure how to navigate the social scene while protecting and defending themselves.

“Most university campuses are incredibly safe and crime is relatively rare,” says Stephen Drake, lifelong martial artist, security training and development manager and author of many published articles on both personal protection and self-defence.  “We all know, however, that because of the college lifestyle of late nights and beverage consumption, students can be easy targets for petty crime and personal attacks.”  Mr. Drake suggests the following simple self-defence strategies for students;

Always trust your instinct.  If your gut is telling you something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t (your more perceptive than you think).  Go back to where you came from, contact campus security or find people as quickly as you can.

Always travel in groups. Never walk alone at night. Avoid "shortcuts".  Criminals, like predators, try to isolate their prey from the herd. Groups are less likely to be confronted, so “buddy up” for the walk home.

Never trust your assailant. Criminals are cunning and can be extremely persuasive. Most likely they will approach you in a friendly manner and appeal to your common senses. No matter what they say or how convincing they are, never believe them. Campus security is the best team for the job.

Never leave the area. Your attacker needs to isolate you. In order to do that, they will use force or any persuasive manoeuvre to convince you that going with them is in your best interest. Don’t go, even when faced with an armed assailant. Put as much space between you and them as fast as possible.

 The Magpie Security Training Academy provides quality personal protection and self-defence instruction training programs that provide a maximum effect with a minimum of time invested.  Contact Steve Drake on 0115 9866 000 to discuss your needs.

Magpie Security Ltd Company Director is a Trustee for The Harley Trust #NottinghamCharity #£10,000Cheque

Recently, The Harley Jae Trust organised a networking event in the form of a family fun day at Newstead Abbey and children and the families that have been supported by us were invited to the event.
Before the event, the Nottingham Paediatric Critical Care Unit approached us, asking whether we could fund an event that would give children with life limiting conditions and their families an opportunity to meet families who are experiencing similar challenges.
We knew this event would be beneficial to all parties involved, allowing children with several different difficulties including epilepsy, long term ventilation, physical disabilities and neurological impairments to meet each other and allow families to connect with one another. The event was a great opportunity for families to share their experiences and support each other.
The event, which was held in the grounds of Newstead Abbey, offered a great day for the children and families including crafts, games, activities and food. All of which were provided free of charge to the families that attended. Also in attendance were twenty nurses that have helped in supporting the children in the Paediatric Care Unit.
The family fun day was a huge success and bonds were made that will last a lifetime thanks to the participation of everyone involved. We would like to thank everybody who attended the event as well as those who continually support and donate to the charity, which helps in the funding of these events, allowing children with life limiting conditions and their families to be able to make connections and continuously supported through their experience.   For More information, simply visit - https://www.theharleyjaetrust.org/
“Together we can make a difference helping children with life limiting conditions” –
 Mr. Jason Bailey. Trustee for The Harley Jae Trust & Company Director of Magpie Security Ltd

“Congratulations to SAM KING our Employee of the Month”
Magpie Security Ltd would like to congratulate Sam on his Employee of the Month Award.

The Magpie Management Team has received exceptional feedback from the client in regards to Sam’s professional approach & attitude.

 “Very well done Sam” – 

Mr. Richard Bailey. 

 Managing Director