Thursday, 2 November 2017

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Introducing the First Magpie Security Ltd Training Academy  Graduate…”

Congratulations to Peter Edwards who is the first academy member to graduate through the Security Practitioner course and gain his SIA Level 2 Door Supervision badge along with his Level 2 CCTV (PSS) and First Aid Qualification. Peter has now become very employable to work in the Private Security Sector and as a result has been offered full time employment with Magpie Security Ltd.

Peter had been working in Industry for many years and found himself unemployed after 25 years in the same position.  Magpie picked him up, dusted him down and gave him the confidence to challenge himself, utilising the skills and experience gained in Industry, Peter not only completed the required training course but also was voted by his fellow students best in class.    

Peter is now working his three-month induction to the business and I am sure will become a great asset to the company in his future role.

Top 5 Security Tips for your Bonfire Night…

Bonfire night is one of those very special occasions where people can share unique and magical moments with their family and friends.  According to the Health and Social Care Information Centre, in 2015/16 firework injuries accounted for 4,506 NHS A&E attendances.

These facts and statistics aren’t meant to put a damper on your Bonfire Event. Most firework injuries are a result of unsafe handling and a lack of safety precautions. So as long as you know how to properly set off fireworks, safely control a bonfire, and put in place control measures for preventing injuries, you’ll be perfectly safe hosting your event.

This includes conducting a full risk assessment before you begin a firework display, which helps you recognise how to reduce and eliminate potential hazards.

How to Conduct a Bonfire or Fireworks Risk Assessment
Step 1 – Identify the fire hazards, e.g.:
Rogue or faulty fireworks.
Mishandled sparklers.
Bonfire flames and embers.
Things nearby that could catch on fire and cause fire to spread, e.g. buildings, fences, trees, shrubbery, etc.

Step 2 – Identify the people at risk, e.g.:
People lighting fireworks.
People controlling a bonfire.
People lighting and handling sparklers.
People attending the display, including children & Neighbours.

Step 3 – Evaluate the risks and decide how to remove or reduce them.
This can be achieved by following the firework code and general safety tips, as listed below.

Step 4 – Inform people of the preventative measures.
Give a brief announcement about what fire safety measures are in place to prevent accidents and make sure that everyone understands what to do to follow them. Most importantly, make sure there is adult supervision for children at all times.

Step 5 – Review to make sure your preventative methods are working.
Observe whether anyone is still clearly at risk. Your measures and instruction may not be sufficient if people are still able to put themselves in harm’s way. For example: standing too close to fireworks being set off or not wearing safety gear.
The above is a guide to ensure your Bonfire Night Event starts well and ends well for all involved.

SIA Licence Holders: Powers of Arrest

Recent news articles suggest that talks are at a very advanced stage about Security Companies are about to be given Police powers of arrest.
The minister for Justice, David Lidington, is deciding right now whether to give powers of arrest to as part of a police privatisation plan.
The ideas were revealed in tender documents put out by the Ministry of Justice in August.
The courts already allow private firms to enforce court judgements by sending bailiffs to seize property to encourage payments of courts fines or costs orders.
But the move would mean a huge widening of “warrants of arrest” powers issued by JPs to force people to attend court.
If it went ahead it would mean HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) would privatise part of its operations in a £290 million deal.
The MoJ tender document said: “MoJ would also like to explore the potential transfer of service of all warrants currently executed by Civilian Enforcement Officers...covering fines and community penalty breaches.”
An HMCTS spokesman said: “We have robust processes in place to ensure agency staff comply to the same standards as HMCTS staff ... we are in discussion with providers to extend the work of enforcement agencies and will make further announcements in due course.”
Magpie Security have recently received two Private & Confidential reports entitled ‘Police views on private security and Towards a strategy for change for the Security Sector’
Both reports are a game changer for our industry and offer great opportunity to our business.

“Magpie Security Ltd Management Team will be attending….”
Practitioner | Graduate | Expert

“Magpie Moving Forward…”
“The only thing worse than training people and having them leave, is not training them and having them stay” -Zig Ziglar

Your people may have all the expertise in the world but, if they're not motivated, it's very unlikely that they'll achieve their true potential.

Research has shown that up to a staggering 80% of any organizations success can be directly linked to the employees’ attributes of personal motivation, attitudes, beliefs, expectations, self-confidence and self-concept. It has been proven that someone with a high self-concept but limited resources can perform at the highest level. The same cannot be said of someone with advanced skills but low self-concept.

Motivated people have a positive outlook, they're excited about what they're doing, and they know that they're investing their time in something that's truly worthwhile. In short, motivated people enjoy their jobs and perform well.

The Key to having a highly motivated workforce is by having employees learn how to motivate themselves regardless of the situation or circumstances.

In 2018 the training academy are introducing two new training courses to it’s portfolio.
The Power of One and Miracle Team Building presentations are unique in the fact that they both demonstrate and share the secrets of self-motivation.

This is not about business theory, it’s about breaking negative patterns and tapping into people’s true natural ability.

To do this, we embrace a unique philosophy of education called I.C.E.2.
Most often people know what to do, but don’t do what they know.

Does your team have waning confidence, too much change, lack of focus or outdated thinking and abilities? It's not that they are unable to make big moves, take bold action or embrace change. It's just that the hustle and bustle of diverse priorities seems to get in their way. It happens. There is a solution that will be reviewed in next month’s newsletter. Look out for it, and see how you can be part of it. Consider it as an early Christmas gift.

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