Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Magpie Security Ltd Newsletter - July 2017

“Another Recording Breaking Month for
Magpie Security Ltd”

Customer retention and an increased volume of sales, saw June 2017 become a record breaking month for Magpie Security Ltd.
The Management Team have implemented a clear and concise objective on exceeding current SLA’s (service level agreements) with all clients and the results speak for themselves.
There was a sales increase in all services offered, which maintain Magpie Security Ltd as a market leader with the security industry.
The Training Academy has seen a gargantuan increase with a consistent turn-over of SIA Guards scheduled for the remainder of 2017.
Company Director Mr. Jason Bailey stated “I am very happy with the performance of the Company and through continual development and investment into personnel, we are on track for a successful 2017.”
With security levels at an all-time high, all industry segments are continuing to maintain a safe and secure environment for all its customers, employees and visitors.

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CCTV car to patrol Nottinghamshire village to Deter bad behaviour
 (The Story Continues…)

A CCTV van will patrol the streets of Lowdham for 12 hours a day in an attempt to crack down on crime.
Richard Bailey, who is managing director of Magpie Security along with his son Jason, has been a resident of Lowdham for more than 30 years.
Security firm Magpie Security is sending out one of its vans between 7pm and 7am every night for four weeks.
It comes after local residents raised concerns about an apparent rise in anti-social behaviour - although police say incidents are actually on the decrease.
The company says it aims to act as a 'visual deterrent', covering 30 miles each shift.
André Corbett, of Top Valley, is one of two men taking shifts in driving the van.
The 34-year-old, who has worked for Magpie Security for 14 years, said: "I've dealt with a few people in cars smoking and drinking and making a mess. We patrol the same areas all the time.
"We run through areas people have alerted us to, like the car park at St Mary's Church and the village hall. It's usually your typical teenagers and young boys and we want to stamp it out.
"This type of thing has never been done before, but we're happy to help."
Locals seem to be appreciating it, they have come up to me saying they feel safer and like the idea. I hope it gets extended as it's keeping everything quiet and keeping out unwanted guests.
"People are recognising the van now. We've also put up special signs saying certain areas are patrolled by us to act as a further deterrent."
He said: "We created something that would be here now and make a presence - it's bright so people can see it and it films all the time. We heard the parish council's and residents' concerns and we were in a position to help, so we did."
Jacqueline Finn, 63, chairman of Lowdham Parish Council, said: "We haven't decided if this has been a success yet, but we wanted to do it as there had been several problems raised in the village. We decided to accept the offer to see if it made a difference and we think it has.
"We are in the third week of the trial phase now, but we will need a discussion to see what people will think long-term. People's views have differed on it, some have said it is very good and they feel safer, others don't like the idea of being asked to pay for a security firm to patrol the streets. We have a lot to consider."

“Congratulations to Andrew Corbette

our Employee of the Month”

Magpie Security Ltd would like to congratulate Andre on his Employee of the Month Award.

Andre has received exceptional reports for his work on the Lowdham Parish Council Project.

“Fantastic work Andre…  very happy with the reports I have received.  Keep it up.” –
Mr. Richard Bailey.
 Managing Director