Thursday, 1 June 2017

Magpie Security Ltd Newsletter - June 2017

Working in partnership with Lowdham Parish Council to Deter Anti-Social Behaviour & Crime

The Managing Director of Magpie Security Ltd, Mr. Richard Bailey is a huge advocate for Nottingham. 
Over the last 12 months, Mr. Bailey has become very concerned with the increase in anti-social behaviour and crime within the Lowdham area.  Examples have ranged from the published acts of vandalism at Lowdham cars, to home burglaries to the theft of locally highlighted jewellery worth hundreds of thousands of pounds and anti-social behaviour in parks into the evening
On the 15th May 2017, the Magpie Security Ltd CCTV Unit was deployed to patrol the village of Lowdham from 7pm to 7am for a period of 28 days at no charge to Lowdham Parish Council to deter anti-social behaviour and crime.
CCTV is now recognised throughout the private security industry for the prevention and detection of crime, it may also be used to monitor events and public meetings, maintaining a safe and secure environment having the capabilities to record images throughout the duration of the monitoring process. These images may be used by the Local Authority/Police to identify personnel out to cause disruption or criminal activity.
“High Level of Asset Protection”
CCTV cameras can serve as a dual purpose. Firstly, they have a deterrent effect, as wrong-doers are likely to avoid areas where they may be caught on camera. Secondly, film footage of a crime being committed can help to ensure that the criminal is convicted.

The Magpie Security Ltd Mobile CCTV Vehicle has previously been used at:

-Commercial Developments
-Community Protection Schemes
-Constructions Sites
-Council Projects
-Music Events
-Residential Developments
-Rail/Tram Infrastructure
-Sporting Events
For further information on the Magpie Security Ltd CCTV, please click on the link below:

“Congratulations to Harry Wright
our Employee of the 


Magpie Security Ltd would like to congratulate Harry on his Employee of the Month Award.
Harry performance as a Response Supervisor has been exceptional and clearly noted by the Management Team and client.

 “Keep up the great work Harry… very well done” – 

Mr. Richard Bailey. 
 Managing Director

Terrorist Threat to the UK

In response to the recent events in Manchester, we want to reinforce and emphasise the importance of vigilance and of reporting any concerns to the anti-terrorist hotline. The current UK threat level for international terrorism is: SEVERE.  This means that another terrorist attack is highly likely.
If you see or hear anything that could be terrorist-related trust your instincts and call the anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321.