Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Magpie Security Ltd Newsletter May 2017


Hear the word 'security' and you may automatically associate it with a big, burly bouncer – but a Nottingham company is trying to change that perception.
Magpie Security wants to train the next generation of door supervisors, who it says don't have to just be "hard men" working outside nightclubs and bars.
Instead, they can keep watch in calmer environments such as student accommodation, building sites, railways, festivals – or even work as a dog handler.
Business Development Manager Steve Drake said: "We're trying to re-educate people about what security jobs involve.
"Today, door supervisors are trained in conflict management, physical intervention, body language and effective communication skills, and are a far cry from the pre-requisite of being a hard man from the old bouncer days.
"We have more than 75 guards working in security but hardly any work in licenced premises. Some are at schools, outside flats or at hospitals.
"That perception of what being a door supervisor involves is a big hurdle to get over for us, and it's very frustrating
"But it's a good time to be in security, especially if someone is looking for a new career.
"We'd also like to have more female operators because there's some jobs where we think a woman would be much better fit than a man."
Its courses vary in length, with a 20-day version costing £650, and jobs await people who complete them.
Magpie Security has rebranded the training as being for "security practitioners" in a bid to widen its audience, with trainees learning about first aid, manual handling, personal awareness and self-defence.
Mr Drake added: "We're offering the complete package. When a person leaves, us they have to be trained to write a CV, have interview skills and the right qualifications.
"It means they're a good bet for the job. We don't like someone going away and applying for a position but then finding out that they need to be fire trained, so we try to provide everything they could need.
For further information on the training services available, please click on the following link:

Congratulations to LEONIE MOORE Our Employee of the Month

Magpie Security Ltd would like to congratulate Leonie on her Employee of the Month Award.

Leonie has been part of the site security team at the Nottingham Tetri Bluu project since 2016 and has received exceptional reports from the client.
“Fantastic work Leonie… very well done” – Mr. Richard Bailey. Managing Director